New Organic Fabric - Amour Vert!

Amour Vert organic cotton poplin
Our newest organic fabric collection, Amour Vert, is on the way, and I cannot wait til it arrives! I tend to think every new collection is my favorite, but I'm especially fond of this one. The palette of warm pinks and greens with pops of coral red works so well, and the prints just make me happy. They follow a familiar Monaluna theme - wonky woodland prints and Scandinavian-feeling florals - and the crisp, geometric blenders tie it all together. 
Amour Vert organic cotton fabric
This collection also includes 8 organic cotton canvases, which is especially exciting. Our canvas is one of my favorite fabrics to work with - it's so nice for any structured project, like tote bags, pocketbooks and pencil cases, hats, pillows, placemats... all those items that benefit from a little extra fabric weight. The canvases are even ideal for garments like a-line skirts, pants and jackets. 
Amour Vert organic cotton canvas
One of the things I feel really good about is that all of our fabrics are GOTS-certified, which ensures that they meet both strict environmental standards, and also social and fair trade standards. If you'd like more information on what standards are covered, you can read all about it on the GOTS website here. We also recently partnered with One Tree Planted  to start planting one tree for each order we receive. I just got my first invoice from them, and I don't know that I've ever been quite as excited to pay a bill. The trees are free to the customer, but it's a small way for us to give back and make our own tiny dent in reforesting the planet. 
Amour Vert - modern organic fabrics by Monaluna
Amour Vert - new organic fabrics from Monaluna
As of this morning, the collection is still waiting to dock at port (as it has been for a month now...), but I'm hoping to have it in stock any day. Happy sewing projects coming soon!

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