New Beginnings, 2021

In February it will have been 13 years since I started blogging. 13 years!! It seems crazy to me that it's been that long, but then I look back at my early posts, before house, before child, when my business was just getting started, and it's amazing how much has happened in that time. I'm so glad now that I have those chronicles of baby quilts made, chairs refinished, pies baked, projects sewed, storage solutions solved and trips taken.

In recent years, I've tried to narrow the focus of the blog to just my fabric business. I thought that would be a more professional approach, keeping the scope tighter and more consistent. That turned out to be a mistake, though. I tend to be a generalist, and I draw inspiration for my work from many different activities and interests. When I narrowed the focus of my blog too far, it became less a place for me to celebrate and document my creative endeavors, and more of a task. I started to do it less often, and with less joy. 

So now I'm going to start over. I am going back to my original blog model, which means there will be some business news here, and updates on new collections, but there will also be recipes, projects I'm working on, sustainability tips, organic gardening adventures and occasional random essays. I'm going to call it a magazine, because I see it as a way of twining together the various threads that interest me into one publication, loosly focused on living a creative and sustainable life. I hope you will find it useful, and occasionally entertaining. Take what you will. 

I'm excited to start writing again for fun, and to document the things that inspire me and fill my creative well. I hope you'll follow along!

New Beginnings 2021

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