Lasercut Birch Ornaments

$ 8.40 $ 12.00

Set of 2 lasercut holiday ornaments by Light + Paper. Comes with red and white string to hang. Perfect for a holiday gift exchange or stocking stuffer. 

Ornaments are cut from 1/8" birch wood. Each individual ornament measures an approximate range of 2.5-3.5 inches. With packaging, measures 4 x 5.5 inches. Choose your desired design in the drop down menu.

About Light + Paper:

Hi my name is Ali and I live in downtown Toronto. I began Light & Paper in 2012, selling my hand-cut paper artwork. We've grown quite a bit since then, but I still create all the designs of our products as hand-cut papercuttings!

It was a fateful day one December when, in search of a unique Christmas gift, I decided to try a new craft. Using a borrowed box cutter and a kitchen cutting board, I created my very first papercutting. After falling in love with cutting paper, I armed myself with a sharper blade and an actual cutting mat, and Light & Paper was born. Preferring a blade to a pen, I create each of my designs first by cutting paper by hand. These intricate, unique patterns are then transformed into a variety of fun lasercut housewares.

I began working out of my small apartment but in February 2015 moved into a studio in the West end of Toronto. Now equipped with a lasercutter and much more space, I am able to produce paper artwork and a variety of wooden products to sell both online and in retail shops in Canada, and across the globe.

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