Essential Guide to Modern Quilting Making

$ 28.95

Compiled by Susan Woods.

Learn from the experts! 

As the genre of modern quilting making has exploded in recent years, a handful of instructors have established themselves as the most in-demand teachers for modern quilters. While we each would love to attend their classes and lectures to connect and learn in person, our schedules can be far less obliging.

Here Lucky Spool presents a collection of the most frequently requested workshop from this powerhouse group of 10 modern quilting teachers: Cheryl Arkison, Jacquie Gering, Alissa Haight Carlton, Heather Jones, Penny Layman, Daniel Rouse, Denyse Schmidt, Kari Vojtechovsky, Angela Walters, and a study of 50 modern quilts curated by Heather Grant. 

Organized by practice or design, and shown in elegant photographs throughout these are the tutorials, projects, inspiration, and techniques that are essential to every modern quilt maker. Sixteen piecing projects are designed to expand your skills by introducing paper piecing, curves, free-motion quilting, improvisational patchwork, alternate gridwork, and more. 

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