Björk Ring by JohannaN

$ 44.00

Handmade ring in authentic nickel brass. The ring has adjustable size and is easy to change to the desired size.

About the artist:

In 2009 Johanna Nilsson started JohannaN, with artisans in Thailand as partners from inception. It is here Johanna's journey begins, the journey to make sustainability a norm. They create jewelry in the amalgamation between Northern Swedish and Thai design and craft history. JohannaN is a swedish brand making jewelry with a purpose.

About the inspiration from the artist:

Inspired by birch twig the shape but also its inherent contrasts: delicate and beautiful but also strong, tough and durable. And just that something may be brittle and soft at the same time it is strong and hard is an important reminder for me of how I want to be as a person and live my life. To all of these characteristics are compatible and that one does not have to choose sides.

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