$ 13.00

Attractive and useful, Apiwraps are a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps. These wraps are made from organic cotton fabric soaked in beeswax and other natural compounds to create a reusable, protective packaging to keep your foods fresh. Perfect for veggies, cheeses, bread, snacks and more!

Choose your set in the drop-down menu:

-Apiwrap Set includes 4 styles: Celery (extra large), Sandwich (large), Cheese (medium) and Snack (small)

-Lunch Call includes 3 large wraps perfect for sandwiches or covering plates and bowls

-Kitchen Basics includes a large, medium and small wrap

-Cheese Lover includes one medium and two small wraps

-Celery Wrap is one extra large wrap, big enough to cover a bunch of celery

-Sandwich Wrap includes one large wrap


Extra Large: 16x18"

Large: 12x14"

Medium: 8x10"

Small 6x8"

These products are fair trade and made by hand in Australia.


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