Seed and Barrel Bracelet by Ethic

$ 30.00


  • Length - 7.5"

  • Clasp - Loop + Bead

  • Contains copper, brass, nickel, aluminum, silver


  • Employs Women in Ethiopia

  • The Issue: HIV/AIDS. Made by women seeking to improve their lives after being diagnosed HIV+.  

  • Made from bullet casings that have been collected from former conflict areas of east Africa. The shells are dug up from the ground, melted down, and remade into beads. 

 Why We Love It

Wear it on it's own or stacked with other bracelets. We love the dimensions and textures of the different beads, and the way the silver pops against the skin.

About EthicGoods:

Our model is simple: partner with incredible organizations Making A Difference in the lives of women, then employ the women (and sometimes, men!) to make ethicgoods. Our partner organizations offer holistic care to survivors of modern day slavery, educate and protect those at risk of exploitation, and help women around the globe break the cycle of poverty. We believe economic stability is the key to removing vulnerability, so everything we carry was made by the woman it helped employ. 

We’ve carefully selected only the pieces we love and want to use and wear everyday.  We hope you love them as much as we do, and are inspired to Make A Difference, beautifully.


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