Horn Bracelet by JohannaN

$ 72.00

Handmade bracelets in authentic nickel brass. The two corners measuring 40 * 35 * 30 mm and 18 mm, and the strap is approximately 60 mm in diameter, but the size is adjustable.

About the artist:

In 2009 Johanna Nilsson started JohannaN, with artisans in Thailand as partners from inception. It is here Johanna's journey begins, the journey to make sustainability a norm. They create jewelry in the amalgamation between Northern Swedish and Thai design and craft history. JohannaN is a swedish brand making jewelry with a purpose.

Information from the artist:

A reindeer found during a mountain hike in Sarek was the starting point for my collection Horn. Renhornets hard surface but soft shape was perfect to combine with the brass - a material which, despite its hardness is soft and malleable. And so was born the collection - a tribute to the magnificent northern nature.

The necklace is made of nickel brass. Brass, consisting of zinc and copper, is a living material that changes over time. Factors such as humidity, temperature and light contributes to the brass darkening, making each piece unique. If you want the jewelery to maintain its shine, you can easily polish it up. Read more in the care instructions.

Adjustable size
The pendant is adjustable and is easy to shape into desired shape and size. Brass is a soft and pliable metal, but be sure to still be careful:
Warm up the piece of body heat, making it less brittle.
Gently bend to the desired size. Do not break!
Be extra careful with the jewelry that you bend frequently, such as bracelet to put on and remove. Brass is durable, but bears obvious how much wear anywhere.

This jewelry is cast in brass in our production in Bangkok, Thailand.

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