Sewing School Basic

$ 24.95

Sewing School Basics is the complete sewing course for first-time stitchers. 

The book starts at the very beginning telling you which pieces of sewing kit you need to buy, explaining which fabrics are best suited to which use, and how to use paper patters. 

The song part of the book is a structured course of 12 workshops, which build from the most basic hand-sewing techniques through to more advanced dressmaking skills. At the end of each workshop, there is a step-by-step project, which reinforces the skills mastered in the workshop. The projects range from a simple hand-embroidered pillow to a cozy lined throw from a shirred sundress to an organdy pleated skirt. Techniques include embroidery, smocking, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking, curtain-mailing, and there are useful tips and shortcuts throughout the book. A pull-out paper pattern section contains fill-size patterns for all the garments featured in the workshops. 

Whether you learned the basics of sewing at school and want to refresh your skills, or if you have never picked up a needle and thread before, whether you want to master the art of dressmaking or to make your own home furnishings, Sewing School Basic is the perfect place to start. 

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