Savor Each Stitch

$ 27.95

Studio Quilting with Mindful Design

by Carolyn Friedlander

Drawn from Friedlander's journey from architecture to quilting, to popular pattern and fabric designer, Savor Each Stitch brings us her unique approach to quilt making.

Growing up on an orange grove and cattle ranch in central Florida, Friedlander found inspiration everywhere. Known for her refreshing approach to pattern and color, she recalls choosing out of architecture and returning home where she embraced the path of professional quilter and designer.

What follows is an exploration of how eight different projects can be completely reinterpreted by incorporating the design principles of line, contrast, color, scale, emphasis, texture, and volume. Each project is created in multiple versions to invite surprisingly different results, based on playing with these same design principles. Along the way the projects teach a variety of techniques such as hand quilting, appliqué, paper piecing, and even a new twist on crazy quilting, and full-size pattern pages are included to instruct and inspire mindful design.

Throughout are Alexis Wharem's photographs sent both against the amazing landscape surrounding their shared hometown and in Friedlander's design studio.

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