Quilter's Yearbook
Quilter's Yearbook
Quilter's Yearbook
Quilter's Yearbook

Quilter's Yearbook

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52 Weeks to explore your inner quilt genius and have some fabric fun

Like your school yearbook, but without the embarrassing hairstyle.

Quilter's Yearbook is filled with 52 weeks of inspiration that will launch your quilting forward -- and later, you'll see how far you've traveled. Each week you'll tackle a challenge or set a new goal. Some "assignments" will take a week, some will take a few, but in every case you'll be able to stretch and grow and work inside (and outside) of your comfort zone. Fill up this book like the journal it is...and in a year or few from now, enjoy the sight of your one-time quilty crush or that forever fabric love.

About Lucky Spool Media:

Founded in 2013 by Susanne Woods who has produced best-selling craft books with various companies for many years, Lucky Spool nurtures a more meaningful and collaborative relationship between author, publisher and reader with a small talented group of artists and designers.

Lucky Spool takes the time and care to create beautiful, accurate books that enrich the work you are already doing and inspire you to continue learning new and challenging techniques.

Lucky Spool values the rich tradition of needle arts from our shared past and celebrates what each of us will bring to its future.

Why choose us?

Earth-friendly Design

Monaluna designs and produces modern prints on 100% organic cotton fabric for apparel, quilting and home decor. We are committed to producing our fabrics and products ethically and sustainably, and we delight in adding a little extra joy and whimsy to your creative projects.

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