Handmade la Conner Botanical Cleanser - 3.5 oz

$ 16.00

This amazing facial cleansing soap bar has 18 different ingredients to improve all parts of your skin. First Handmade La Conner took their custom soap recipe of eight oils that they think make the most luxurious, all natural, moisturizing, soothing, healing bar of soap that still had a thick, rich lather and was very stable so it would last a long time. They then added their botanical scrub for its ability to increase blood circulation, cleanse, rejuvenate, and improve the overall health of your skin and combined the two together. With this botanically packed bar of soap in your facial regimen you'll be sure your skin is looking better than ever.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Chamomile, Borage Leaf, Comfrey, Caraway Seed, Rosemary, Lavender, Rosehip, Bilberry Leaf, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Arnica.

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